Within the City of Rememberance

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Within the City of Rememberance

Post by Lolli Puppy on Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:26 pm

This includes shops, the library, and surrounding villages.

We can make separate topics if one location seems really prevalent.
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Re: Within the City of Rememberance

Post by Keland Sylph on Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:25 pm

Even after a month, communing with the earth kami was still something that took a large amount of focus.

That was the thought that ran through Isawa Kiba's head as he started the shrine. The kami were both direct and not at all pleased that their cycle was thrown off. The later in the season it got, the more it took to convince the earth that the humans were still reverent. Building the shrines helped. Of course this building had to be done by hand to appease the kami, but Kiba didn't mind anymore.

"Even though the work makes me tired, I also feel refreshed. The kami are pleased and continue to bless the fields, so it helps the masses, and I feel that I am more in balance than I have been." Not knowing what had caused the imbalance was still troubling, but the work in helping the town was proof that the Fates and kami were pleased in the new direction he was taking his life.

The shrines and prayers finished, and the sun setting, Kiba rose to his feet. "Now to clean up a little bit. The kami may see no issue with it, but they might not let me in the larger shrines or the tea house looking like this."

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