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Post by STHBen on Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:43 am

March 21st
It has been a while since I last written; I scarcely know where to begin.
From home, to the Lion's lands, to the Phoenix lands, where I stay, this journey to make find cities that would be safe for my family's trade is already becoming tiring. While I was intending to stay in this city only for a short while, I came at a very interesting time and I'm more than just a little interested in finding just who ruffled feathers, so to speak. As per usual, I have been playing nice, keeping ever vigilant for potential clients and allies for my family. -sigh- Just saying the word makes my heart ache. I suppose A lonely Scorpion traveling with no kin has the right to feel a little home sick. I seem to have earned the trust of some of the members of court and even made friends with a pleasant Unicorn, though I, perhaps more than most, know better than to trust them too much. It is easier to harm a friend than it is to do so to an enemy. A curious little Crane has made some rather foolish moves around me, some that only make me wonder if he really is a fool or just acting the part for some plan that he may have and yet to show. I will be keeping an eye on him, which shouldn't be too hard as he has now lent his blade and services to our dear friend the Tortoise. I do intend to speak with him in private about business. I'm sure father would send his warmest regards. I am a bit suspicious of two characters, one of whom I will play the part of friend, until he show his hand.

I had received a rather profane love letter a long a a few others. This wouldn't be out of the ordinary however I always remember receiving them in my room instead of having Henen deliver them to me personally. It has set my search and investigating along with my normal business back quite a bit as I hadn't been able to get in touch with those whom I had intended to due to interruptions. Not to mention the said profane love letter was enough to distract me for a time. I wanted to merely find out who it was from, but in finding who wrote it, I was brought to a dead end and I believe that he may now think ill of my intentions. As innocent as it may have seemed to a flighty bird, I must quash this infatuation so that it will not do anything to further distract me from my duty. Until there is a marriage contract that actually sticks through fruition, I will remain untouched and pure. Besides I have no time for matters of the heart when I must finish my business in this city so that I may move along and go to the next. I cannot stay in one city too long or the world will move without me. Perhaps I will visit Onii-san when I go back to the Lion lands. He has informed me that there has been some trouble there and I must make sure that none of our family's servants have failed in their tasks. It would be very disappointing and father would be very upset if we lost trade in that city. But alas, that journey is to be saved for another day as there are other matters to attend to here.

I suppose that is all I care to write for now. Perhaps later I shall send a letter to Onii-san. I'm sure he'd love to hear off my exploits here thus far.


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