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Post by steampunkrogue on Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:44 am

First entery

Today I have arrived in the Phoenix city. It is so large and grand I almost got lost exploring it. I found a marvelous tea shop that serves my clans tea. I was deeply honored they included an outsider clan such as mine. I am no stranger to games here, almost right away in court they began. Since I am shugenja they immediately began questioning how to use unicorn magic. I will not divulge such family secrets so I say "you just do" its as simple as breathing. I may have offended some but while I would like to make friends that is not why I'm here I wish to study more of the healing arts. Though it looks like my studies will have to be delayed some. I decided to try my hand at becoming a helpful member of the court. I was up against a strong and wise shugenja and I didn't believe I would win since my magic is used for healing not harming. Thanking the kami I was able to outshine my opponent and I am one of three females on the court. Rumors flew quickly afterwards like they do in most cities and a crab was returned home. Is life so boring in court one must make untruths to liven it up?

second entery

In light of events last month there is to be a festival to boost moral. I am quite excited, I have even brought a gift for my friend Kyoko-san and her husband at the tea shop. I shared from my personal some samplings of my favorite unicorn teas. I hope she enjoys the gift, it has been a blessing to become friends with her and to be able to frequent her tea shop. I only wish to show my appreciation for her and her husbands kindness. There is also a ronin, the Tsi smith, who's company I enjoy. He is quiet and soft spoken. I enjoy conversations with him though they may be brief. There is no need for a charade around him and I enjoy that, plus he makes wonderful metal items. I feel as if he has some connection to the kami with how well he is able to preform his trade. I hope to see him at the festival tonight.

Later on that night

By the kami tonight was horrible. There is one who will use he kami for selfish means to harm others, it is abhorrent. Let me back up, the festival was a wonderful event. A newcomer came to court, a Scorpion, who gave her mask as a gift. She seems friendly enough though I still feel the need to be cautious around her. Though as an outsider I feel a small amount of kindness goes a long way in turning what could be an enemy into a friend. I was able to give my gift to Kyoko-san and her husband Jin-san. They accepted the gift with joy and gratefulness, I would expect no less from the crane. Jin-san was even so kind to brew me a glass. Tsi-san, the ronin, was there as well. Our conversation was brief but pleasant, but I sadly doubt he gets the same enjoyment from speaking with me as I do with him. After the festival was winding down the governor made a grave announcement. During which what seemed like an attack on a near by town caused us to gather arms. I thought that there would be injured so I readily volunteered my services to the Kuni monk who was gathering people to see what happened. Thankfully it was only an illusion and no one was harmed. The villagers and guards were frightened out of their minds. I know this fear, it causes one to say and act how they would never do ordinarily. I offered to use my horse, Yuki, to help round up the villagers since she was much faster than the smaller horses of the land. I was lucky enough to find some unharmed. I tried coaxing them, beseeching their honor to return home and to convince that the Governor was not apart of the attack as the illusion had them believe. They did not listen and in turn questioned my honor. Kyoko-san's brother rode up as they questioned my honor and slew two of them. I was horrified, this would only serve to further make them doubt us. As samurai we must uphold the peace not cause harm. I yelled at him and apologized to the survivors. Shiro-san, Kyoko-san's brother, tied the remainders up and drug them back to the village, an act I still was not pleased over. I hope they do not still fear us and that all can be repaired. I know I will have nightmares of their scared faces tonight.

Third entry(down time)

In the wake of the attacks on several villages, I have offered the services of my horse and my self to aid in the planting of this years crops. I have volunteered to break and bless the ground of the 8th village. It was destroyed in a fire and must be rebuilt. With a team of villagers and the kami's will this will be a fruitful endeavor. The Tsi smith has made many a fine item for us to use in helping the villagers till the land and plant the seeds. I am quite impressed with his skill and willingness to help. The work is hard but it feels good to be helping. I am able to heal injured villagers and boost their stamina when I am not leading Yuki to plow the burnt fields. This kind of work heals my soul. To be samurai means one must serve and I feel best when I am able to serve my empire. I must travel back to the city shortly for court then I will be returning to continue to help the efforts here. Maybe the other shugenja and I will be able to make a gift for the smith for all his help. But I must dwell of this thought later. I pray the nightmares don't return tonight.

Fourth entery

Court was the same, whispers and rumors all about. A curious Tortuous was asking questions out side of what I believe he was sent here to do. The rash Shiro-san offered his sword to him and will be his body guard. He is taking on far to much, my self and other often wonder what clan his loyalties lie with. His birth clan the crane or the clan he seems to have adopted the crab. My friend the Lady Byushi has received some appalling love letters from what I hear. My theories lie with Shiba who attempted to corner Lady Byushi in questions of these letters. She brought up an interesting question on who I am eyeing in the court. I couldn't easily say Tsi-san so I just said I was not interested in a man who enjoyed bloodshed. I hope that satisfied her questioning. I am tired of the game playing in court. It makes me yearn for a much simpler life where there is no act to put on. My dear friend Kyoko-san handled things beautifully in court in the governors absence. I pray he returns soon. I return in the morning to the village to continue to offer my blessings to the kami for a fruitful harvest. Mayhaps I will rest easy, though I am doubtful.

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