Sadane Battle! Shiba Izo vs. Katsumi Bayushi

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Sadane Battle! Shiba Izo vs. Katsumi Bayushi

Post by Shiba Izo on Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:04 am

Original Letter

To Katsu-chan

A beautiful vase sits on the shelf.
A passerby wonders,
What mysteries it holds.
He looks within,
Only to find nothing.

Love, Izo-nii

Response (Izo in Red, Katsumi in Black)

Clever little bird,
No bite nor burn to your words,
Talent is lacking.

Sting with no poison
Skittering little vermin
Crushed in my talon

Taste and Tact Lacking,
To be expected from Fowl,
Belongs in barnyards

Akin to a fan
Make of weak paper and wood
Used by all in court

Duty to be used,
At least fans can aid the court,
How useful are fowl?

"Comparing me to poultry again? Have you already run out of insults?"

This bird has talons
Sharpened and ready to strike
Can you say the same?

Birds, not known for wit,
My tongue held back to be fair,
This Scorpion's Gift.

Kindness, grace, and charm
Much like your poetry skill
Nowhere to be found


Many pecks and stings
Petty and verbose, they clash
Will they ever cease?

All in good fun, dear,
Playful quips to be had here,
Sedane Haikus

"I think I'll recuse myself from our little game Katsu-chan. Jin is no doubt here to invite me to a hot cup of tea at the White Lotus. If it lets you sleep at night, you can pretend you won."

"Oh Izo-kun, how could you suspect that anyone be a loser in such a fun and enthralling game?"
Shiba Izo

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