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Kuni Soma

Post by pyro42 on Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:39 pm

Kuni Soma, born to Lord Toshi and Lady Akena Kuni, twin brother of Kuni Kenta. His brother was born with the power to talk to and here to Kami but he was not. He was there for sent to the witch hunting school where he was top of his class, though all the teacher and the students kept there distance. Even his mother and father spent as little time as possible with there child and is straggly always smiling face. His life was devoid of affections for family and he had no friends to speak of, yet he always smiles. He didn't seem to mind not having friend, gave him more time to hone his skill. He forged his body into a weapon, one to destroy evil. Upon finishing his training he served on the wall for a bit, then went form town to town rooting out those tained and dealing with them in the way of all Kuni witch hunters. Finaly he was sent to the City of Remembrance, they told him, a there is always a Kuni there, ALL WAYS. and so he left his home, his family and... well nothing really. To the City of Remembrance.

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