Wall Flower: Isawa Sona's Thoughts (Wichita Game)

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Wall Flower: Isawa Sona's Thoughts (Wichita Game)

Post by LadyMyuu on Mon Mar 23, 2015 12:30 pm

A few little things are in this that aren't all known, but vague enough/not interesting enough for metagame stuff.

Character: Isawa Sona, Phoenix Courtier/Artisan

First Game Session Thoughts:

I recall my first thought as I entered the city of Remembrance was how beautiful it was. The craftsmanship and sheer size made my heart swell with appreciation. I wanted to see the Temple and the Shrine, I wanted to look upon the Dojo and watch its students practice. To soak in a place I had never been before, not without my usual escorts. Oh, I wasn’t alone, but I did not walk with the same familiarity I had in the past.
Isamu, its strange to be here without you.

Boisterous messy Crab, never thinking before letting words spill out of your mouth like a leaky barrel. I see you teasing the proper Crane. Everyone is distracted by the Kuni, though perhaps unnerving at least he knows how to use words properly.

Rumors, rumors, stinging rumors. Worse than weeds in a garden and much harder to pull out by the roots. I say little, because the last thing we need is more muddled words. Samurai step lightly, the path of Bushido seems so shrouded to many. Is it so simple to pick and choose which you prefer to follow? This is not a dinner where you discard unwanted food, this is the path we uphold that makes us People.

Good riddance. May I never lay my eyes upon your disgraceful face again.
Taint is nothing to jest with, you could get someone killed for nothing.
  Do not waste our time.

Second Game Session thoughts:

I must admit, I am giddy as a child at the thoughts of this festival. The music and food, the comradery. We will wash this city in a blanket of words and cleanse it of the rumors like Jade to the corrupt. One can not blame the peasants for their fears, they live such different lives and can not rely on the truth like we do, for they are incapable of handling such things. But we will show them that Samurai are here to protect them, to guide them. To make sure their work is accepted, their concerns taken and proven wrong with the gentlest of ease.  

I am so glad the Crane in this city. Their work is always beautiful and to be able to participate in such festivities brings a smile to me. I am never more true to my way then when I am performing.

Ronin. The word boils inside me and curls into a festering mess. I want to spit it out like a bad apple and be done with the whole lot. I speak only of those who have forsaken their names for selfish unwholesome reasons, were not even Seppaku is offered to them.
Greedy, bastard ronin have ruined everything and turned it all on its head. While our Bushi run to defend and to undo what they can. I and the other courtiers spend our time soothing and consoling, preventing panic and fear.

The fair phoenix woman stands in the empty festival street, where the common folk could enjoy the food and music. Where games and laughter were just heard less than an hour ago. Trampled stands, broken pots… she bends down, her hair a bit more of a mess from all her work, and picks up a paper doll and looks at it. She had one of these every year back at her family’s estate. Her stomach twists and she turns her eyes back to the dark swirling cloud, not yet knowing its merely a lie, just as the doll is only paper.

Lies. Tricks. Deceit. Are we in a city of the Phoenix or in a den of thieves? The anger on the Governor's face makes me turn my gaze elsewhere. The Samurai struggle to fix what is so deeply broken. I fear we simply must rebuild. Emerald Magistrate lectures us once more. I feel as if I am but a girl again, head lowered to a disapproving father…

I touched my stomach to much, I should stop drawing attention until it truly begins to show. Perhaps I should speak to someone of Isamu and my current state. But there is never a good time to dwell on such things when all the world is still sitting on its head.

Third Game Session Thought:

All it takes is one slight weakness for all the walls to fall down. I am sure the Crab use this lesson often as they stand upon that wall. I sadly only know it now because I was weak. The shame of my mistake turns over and over within me and part of me is thankful that the Master of Courts and I have some understanding of one another, I think now if it had been the Governor I may not have gotten off so lightly…  
I suppose the Tortoise’s rudeness helped cover up my dishonorable act. Though I will not forget it myself and be sure to not let it be buried away, but formally apologize to all parties. It will be the first step to forging a new path of enlightenment. I will not forget the edicts of Bushido. I will not forget the laws that govern our thoughts.

Never forget. Never forget. Never. Forget.  - “Your father sends his regards.”

My belly is evident now, and none can deny that I am pregnant. Perhaps its time to move forward from this stagnant thoughts, to let my Isamu’s death go. To let it all be gone.

“Your father sends his regards.”

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